Tuchel agrees with Klopp on program

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Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel has sympathize with Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp over the current schedule of matches being too crowded.

         The Reds have called on the Premier League to reschedule on April 30, when the team travel to Newcastle, where they play their first match on Saturday after they face B. Yarreal in the UEFA Champions League on Wednesday 27 April.

         Tuchel agreed with Klopp on the current tournament program, which is too demanding by footballers ufabet.

         “It’s very difficult and a very high demand,” Tuchel said. “We just looked at the minutes played this season and we were the team that played the most. We played in extra-time so it went up.”

         “It’s a very high demand. But it is what we chose to enter this game to do.”

         Chelsea have made 53 appearances in all competitions this season. With 9-10 games to be play depending on the FA. Cup on Sunday to win and qualify?

“Between the schedule, that we do not complain about because it means we are in other competitions and want to have this schedule because it tells you you play for a lot, in between, there can be adjustments to make it easier to recover and take care about the players.

“It is about the players this game and taking care they don’t get injured, and we prevent them. We need simply hours to recover and not sit on the bus and plane again.

“In these details, I agree with him [Klopp]. In general, it is a stressful schedule, but we love it at the same time. The five changes will help a lot.”