Chouameni is happy with Monaco right now

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Monaco midfielder Aurelien Chouameni insists he is very happy at the ufabet club at the moment. Amid the news of moving teams continuously

         Chouameni The French midfielder has been attract by many European teams, including Real Madrid, Manchester United, Chelsea and Manchester City, who want to join the team. But from the latest interview, he confirmed that he is very happy with life at the club.

         “When I started something I do my best I aspire to be one of the best players in Europe in my position. So I work every day to achieve that goal. This includes working at home or at the club in addition to team training,” Schuameni told the club’s website.

         “We are fortunate here that Monaco has a very good infrastructure with an efficient training center that allows us all to optimize physically. For example, I just came back from training with our physical trainer.”

         “This is something I always try to do. especially with injury prevention Today I passed the race without any physical problems. This means that I can work very well with the physiotherapists and staff to avoid muscle problems, and there is a gym at home as well. And sometimes I do additional training, like last night, always under the supervision of the staff.”

         “Monaco is a big French club with a great history! The best players played here when I was in Bordeaux and heard the club was interested in me. I didn’t hesitate for a second to come and play here. I know I can develop with great facilities and top projects for young players. So today I am very happy to be part of this great club.”